# 15 Ferns and Clover

November 3, 2009

I love the deep green colors here with the palm leaves against the clover groundcover behind it.  This was shot in deep shade, so I got a wonderful soft light.  I love how much depth of field I was able to get on this shot.

Ferns+and+Clover # 15 Ferns and Clover

ISO 100  f 32  esposure 3 seconds, tripod mounted, sigma 28-80 macro lens.  In photoshop I punched up saturation, contrast, adjusted hue, and brightness.

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One more astrophotography picture.  Jessica Tincopa, a local photogrpaher, asked me a question yesterday about shooting the moon, and I wondered how many other people had that same question, so I posted a shot I took, and the simple formula for a good exposure of the moon.
The rule is the f8 rule.  Set the camera aperture to f8, use shutterspeed nearest the reciporical of the ISO setting.  For example,  if the ISO setting is 100  use 1/100 sec  if the ISO is 200  use 1/250 second 400 ISO use 1/500  etc…  you will end up with a good exposure every time.

Moon Image #14 Shoot the Moon

Hope this helps you to enjoy taking photos which include the moon in them.

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I’ll admit it, I am a nerd, and even worse, I am a science nerd.  I have always been interested in astronomy and have been wanting to give astrophotography a try for some time.  I noticed the clear sky and decided to give it a try.  I set up the big 400mm lens on a tripod and had a go.  I was lucky enough to catch this shot of Jupiter with four of her moons.  How cool is it to look from your planet and see not only another planet, but its moons as well.  Pretty cool.

Jupiter+and+moons #13 A try at astrophotography

400mm lens, f5.6, 1 sec exposure, tripod mounted ISO 3200  Color removed in photoshop to correct for chromatic abberation.

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I had to do a holiday themed picture for this post.  It brings back memories of childhood for me.  I used to love cleaning the pumpkin “guts” out.  Funny, when we grow up, it just seems a mess.  Where does that creativity and joy of discovery go.  Take some time this weekend to squish some pumpkin guts in your fingers and be a kid again.

 Photo #12 Holiday Preparations

ISO 200, 1/60 sec f5.6  lit by an sb28 strobe and umbrella, 7feet up, behind camera.

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Picture #11

October 30, 2009

Picture #11   Today I just decided to use a simple portrait.  I was shooting a bunch of these portraits, and really liked this one.  I like the harsh side lighting and subdued color. 

Tobias Picture #11

ISO 100  1/20  f2.8  28mm lens,  natural light, handheld.

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