I know I have been horrible keeping up to date with this, but I do love the challenge, so I am going to continue trying to post a new picture every day.  This one, I shot while sitting in my car in a Stater Bros. parking lot.  There were some nice birds of paradise in front of me, and all of a sudden this bird landed on top of one.  I quickly grabbed my camera, switched to aperature priority and shot off five quick shots before he flew away.  It was then that I realised the ISO was set for 1600.  Much too high.  So unfortunately it is a bit grainy.   I tweeked it a bit in lightroom so it is not so noticable, and I am pleased how it turned out.

SWT+Photo 2 Photo #25 Birds of Paradise


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Crystal and Jays Wedding

December 14, 2009
Ring Crystal and Jays Wedding

I had the opportunity this weekend to shoot Crystal and Jays wedding in Norco California.  They are a great couple, and the wedding was held in the beautiful Norco Village Banquet Hall reception center.  The wedding went well, and the couple were absolutely glowing all night long. 
Shoes Crystal and Jays Wedding
Breakdance Crystal and Jays Wedding
This kid stole the show with his break dancing.
Cake Crystal and Jays Wedding
Crystal Crystal and Jays Wedding

bw+Bride Crystal and Jays Wedding

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#23 Whip it.

December 10, 2009

For todays picture I took a sugestion from my brother, and did a picture of a nice bright colored streamer.  I wanted to add a little something than just a fly, so I added a spool of thread and a whip finisher tying it off.

Whip+It+Lr #23 Whip it.

1/60, f8, ISO 200.   Lights 2-500w photofloods, 2-flourescent photofloods for background lights.

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#22 Photo of the Day

December 9, 2009
Christmas+Lights+lr #22 Photo of the Day

I know I have been terrible keeping this going, but I now have a new computer, and due to the economy, I now have more time to work on my photography.  Today I am posting an abstract photograph I took of some LED Christmas lights.  I shot the picture handheld, f 5.6, one second esposure.  I soomed and moved the lens while shooting to get the great lines.   I know its a little different, but I hope you enjoy it.  Please post a comment and let me know what you think.

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Poorman Wedding

December 7, 2009
Shoes+lr Poorman Wedding
I had the priveledge of shooting the Poorman-Endicott wedding.  Tashina and Anthony had a beautiful outdoor wedding at a wonderful spot in Menife California.  It was a wonderful day, which turned out great.
Group+Shot+LR Poorman WeddingCeremony+lomo+lr Poorman Wedding
Flowers+Cross+Processed Poorman Wedding
Girls+lr Poorman Wedding
Tashina+lr Poorman Wedding
Dancing+lr Poorman Wedding
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