I am a photographer, film maker, father, husband, and hockey fan.  I have been blessed through my life to have the ability to pursue my passion to record the beauty of life.  I love being there to capture a couples wedding day, and to preserve that special day for them.  Photos and videos help to shape and create the memories we have for years to come.   We so often forget those special details over time, but when we sit down and flip through a photo album or watch a film, those memories come rushing back, and you are transported back to that day.  You remember the feelings, you had as we looked into the eyes of that special person we dedicate our lives to.  You remember the feeling of your dads tear falling from his cheek onto yours as you dance.  These are the reasons I shoot weddings,  to save these memories for couples so they will have them forever, and can share them with their children and grand children.

I have been an award winning photographer for 20 years, and have had my photos published around the world, everything from National Geographic, to wedding albums on a families coffee table.  I currently work out of Utah (as well as locations in Southern California and Colorado) where I run my photography business as well as a multimedia production company.  I truly love shooting wedding photography as well as making wedding films for couples, and would sincerely love to do so for your special day.

Please call or text me at: 949-278-2330


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