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We finally made it to that time of year, our family vacation.  Usually we spend our time at the beach, and Disneyland, and just soaking up the whole California lifestyle.  But this year was a little different.  Wyatt went to Cali in June with his moms side of the family, so we decided to have Carries folks come up our way a bit and meet them somewhere in the middle.  We decided on Bryce Canyon and Zions National Parks.  (I am not sure whose idea it was to vacation in the desert in July, but we would make the best of it.

We arrived in Bryce and decided to go catch the local rodeo after supper.  Now for those of you who don’t know, I began my professional photography career 14 years ago shooting rodeos.  I would get right down in the dirt in the arena and shoot the riders as they competed.  It was a lot of fun, but difficult as well.  There was a lot of time away in run down motel rooms, long days in dusty arenas, and getting knocked around a couple of times by 2000 lbs bulls.   I gave it up years ago because even the wildest wedding with the craziest bridezilla was nowhere near as hard on my body as shooting rodeos.

So we were going to a rodeo.  Now this is not your regular PRCA sanctioned event.  This was a local thing they do just for the tourists, not the greatest rodeo, but for the portion of my family who didn’t grow up going to rodeos, it would be fun.  I decided to take along the camera, and see if I still got the knack for shooting rodeos.  I think the turned out pretty good.  Hope you enjoy.

Rodeo 1 1024x685 Starting our vacation off with a rodeo!


Rodeo 3 1024x685 Starting our vacation off with a rodeo!

Rodeo 4 1024x685 Starting our vacation off with a rodeo!

Rodeo 5 Starting our vacation off with a rodeo!

Rodeo 6 1024x685 Starting our vacation off with a rodeo!

Rodeo 7 1024x685 Starting our vacation off with a rodeo!

Craig and Paulette

July 20, 2012

I had the opportunity to photograph a really fun couple recently. Craig and Paulette had an amazing wedding and reception at the beautiful Chantilly Mansion in Layton Utah. The best part of all was I got to shoot this wedding with my main second shooter, my son Wyatt. He has shot several weddings with me now and is an amazingly talented photographer (especially for a 10 year old!)
Here are a few of my favorite images from the day.


Craig and Paulette 12 Craig and Paulette
















The beautiful bride on the grand staircase.


Craig and Paulette 1 Craig and Paulette















This is one of my favorite images shot by Wyatt.  Paulette is leaving the brides room and about to head down the grand staircase to her waiting husband.


Craig and Paulette 8 Craig and Paulette















Craig had a difficult time getting through his vows.



Craig and Paulette 9 Craig and Paulette















The Bridal part from the balcony above.


Craig and Paulette 7 Craig and Paulette



















Craig and Paulette 10 Craig and Paulette















The kiss.  There was a horrible window light coming from above making the photos tough, but just as the kissed, they came together right into this beautiful light, and created this great shot.



Craig and Paulette 4 Craig and Paulette















Thank you gifts



Craig and Paulette 13 Craig and Paulette















Oh yummy.  They had an amazing spread.  The Chantilly mansion really goes all out!



Craig and Paulette 14 Craig and Paulette














All kinds of goodies


Craig and Paulette 15 Craig and Paulette
















Their cake.


Craig and Paulette 18 Craig and Paulette















First Dance as a couple.


Craig and Paulette 17 Craig and Paulette















They were both so happy.



Craig and Paulette 19 Craig and Paulette














The Chantilly mansion was an amazing venue, and the wedding turned out fabulous.  Their staff is top notch and the place is beautiful.  I cannot wait to shoot another wedding here.



Craig and Paulette 5 Craig and Paulette
















The best part of all was getting to shoot with my son Wyatt.  He has an amazing eye for great photos, and is so much fun to shoot along side him.


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