Photographer Shootout

February 19, 2011

On Thursday, I had the wonderful opportunity to join several local photographers at a park in Irvine for a photographer shootout. A shootout is basically a group of photographers who get together, get a couple of models, and work on shooting techniques. This last week we were working on using off camera flash. I took along my big ol’ Norman 400w/s strobe and battery pack. I was able to get some great shots, but even better, I was able to help out several photographers who had never used off camera flash before figure out how to use it to get some great photos themselves. We had a great time socializing, and several photographers were able to learn a new skill to put into their bag of skills. Of all the things I absolutely love about photography, I love helping others learn to improve their photos more than almost anything else.
After the shootout, we went up to the smug-mug meeting which is a club sponsored by for photographers. Afterward, a few of us got together at In-n-Out for a burger and a great time talking about photography.
Here are some of my favorite shots from the shootout.SWT Photo 13 2 685x1024 Photographer Shootout

SWT Photo 12 2 685x1024 Photographer Shootout

SWT Photo 11 2 685x1024 Photographer Shootout

SWT Photo 9 2 685x1024 Photographer Shootout

SWT Photo 8 2 685x1024 Photographer Shootout

SWT Photo 6 2 1024x685 Photographer Shootout

SWT Photo 5 2 1024x1024 Photographer Shootout

SWT Photo 3 2 685x1024 Photographer Shootout

SWT Photo 1 2 682x1024 Photographer Shootout

Shootout 130 2 1024x685 Photographer Shootout

Shootout oc1 685x1024 Photographer Shootout

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  1. Oh how I wish I could have joined you all at this shoot out! Off camera light is what I want to work on next. Please give me a shout next time??? Thanks a million!!!

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