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Photographer Shootout

February 19, 2011

On Thursday, I had the wonderful opportunity to join several local photographers at a park in Irvine for a photographer shootout. A shootout is basically a group of photographers who get together, get a couple of models, and work on shooting techniques. This last week we were working on using off camera flash. I took along my big ol’ Norman 400w/s strobe and battery pack. I was able to get some great shots, but even better, I was able to help out several photographers who had never used off camera flash before figure out how to use it to get some great photos themselves. We had a great time socializing, and several photographers were able to learn a new skill to put into their bag of skills. Of all the things I absolutely love about photography, I love helping others learn to improve their photos more than almost anything else.
After the shootout, we went up to the smug-mug meeting which is a club sponsored by for photographers. Afterward, a few of us got together at In-n-Out for a burger and a great time talking about photography.
Here are some of my favorite shots from the shootout.SWT Photo 13 2 685x1024 Photographer Shootout

SWT Photo 12 2 685x1024 Photographer Shootout

SWT Photo 11 2 685x1024 Photographer Shootout

SWT Photo 9 2 685x1024 Photographer Shootout

SWT Photo 8 2 685x1024 Photographer Shootout

SWT Photo 6 2 1024x685 Photographer Shootout

SWT Photo 5 2 1024x1024 Photographer Shootout

SWT Photo 3 2 685x1024 Photographer Shootout

SWT Photo 1 2 682x1024 Photographer Shootout

Shootout 130 2 1024x685 Photographer Shootout

Shootout oc1 685x1024 Photographer Shootout

Roasting Marshmallows

February 14, 2011

This past weekend we went over to my brother in laws house after a wonderful dinner at the Olive Garden. They had gotten a new fire-pit for their patio, and we went to roast marshmallows, have smores and hang out. Of course I had my camera in tow, and spent some time shooting photos while we were there. I got one photo in particular which I found very interesting. It is a closeup of the wood burning in the fire-pit. I love watching a fire burn, watching the flames dance around the warm glow of the embers. I feel that this photo captures this very well. I guess you never know when you will find a great picture. I took my camera along to get photos of my nephews, but ended up with a great picture I am proud of.Fire 2 1024x819 Roasting Marshmallows

Right out of History

February 7, 2011

I had to go down to Long Beach today to take care of some business, and while I was driving through town I saw this old photo-booth. I remember back when these were in every shopping center parking lot, but most of them have long ago been torn down to recover the parking spaces the booth took up. I was so enamored with this little boot that I went around the block and came back and shot some photos of it. I love the convenience and ease of shooting digital, but I truly miss the “good ole’ days” of film.

Photobooth 685x1024 Right out of History

Old school photo booth.

Free Film 1024x685 Right out of History

My 52/52 Project

February 5, 2011

Last year I started a picture a day project where I would create a photograph every day for one year. I had a great time for several weeks, but it was a more daunting task than I was able to follow through with. So this year I am making a little more realistic, I am creating one photograph per week for 52 weeks. I gladly welcome any comments or suggestions from everyone.

My first photograph of this project is a portrait of my dog Gucci. I shot it with natural window light with a nikon 35mm f1.8 lens shot wide open for the great depth of field.

SWTPhoto 56 685x1024 My 52/52 Project

Welcome to my new site!

February 5, 2011

Hello there world, welcome to the new blogsite for Shane Thompson Photography.  This new site will combine my galleries, and blog into one location.  I am very grateful for, The [b]School, and my good friend Becker for providing this site and getting my online presence a much needed facelift.

Please check back regularly to find out what is going on in my life, to see photos from recent weddings, and the personal projects I am working on.

Thank you


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