SWTphoto 9+lr Joshua Tree National Monument

Yesterday I went to Joshua Tree National Monument with a dozen of the best wedding photographers in southern California.  We had a great time hiking around and photographing one of the most beautiful parks in California.  I had the chance to socialize and send the day goofing off and doing what I enjoy with several photographers whom I truly admire and look up to.  The weather was absolutely wonderful, however it did get a little cold in the evening and wouldn’t you know it, I wore shorts and forgot a jacket.  We all ended up having a great time exploring, and we didn’t even have to call search and rescue.   I ended up with a few photos which I think turned out pretty good.  Take a look at these ones and let me know what you think of them.  Feel free to leave a comment below.  Thank you Joe for putting this together

SWTphoto 1+lr Joshua Tree National Monument

This Photo is of some old mining equipment we came across.  

SWTphoto 2+lr Joshua Tree National Monument
SWTphoto 3+lr Joshua Tree National Monument

A couple closeups of Joshua trees.  Believe it or not, these were both shot in mid-day sun!

SWTphoto 4+lr Joshua Tree National Monument

We found this old farm truck out on the desert.  I guess he didn’t have AAA Auto Club.

SWTphoto 5+lr Joshua Tree National Monument

This is a shot looking up a wind mill with the water pump it drove in the foreground.  It took a VERY small aperture of f22 to get this much depth of field.  

SWTphoto 6+lr Joshua Tree National Monument

A closeup of the spines at the end of the joshua trees leaves.  Last time my friend Becker was here, he put one of these spines into his head drawing lots of blood.  He survived yesterday injury free!

SWTphoto 7+lr Joshua Tree National Monument

Most of the cacti were just beginning to bloom, but I did manage to find one full bloom.  I am sure that by first of next week, the cacti should be in full bloom.

SWTphoto 8+lr Joshua Tree National Monument
A portrait of world famous wedding photographer Joe Photo.

SWTphoto 11+lr Joshua Tree National Monument

Sunset on the desert.  A beautiful ending to a wonderful day.

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