#28 Disneyland

January 11, 2010
SWT+Photo 12 #28 Disneyland

Carrie and I spent the day Sunday at Disneyland.  We had a great time with her friend Shelly, her fiancee Brad, and her family.  Of course I drug my camera along and got a few pictures of the day.  This is my favorite time to attend the park, the crouds are low, and its not too hot.  By the end of the evening, my wife was freezing, and here I am walking around in shorts and flipflops.  We topped off the evening at Cafe Orleans, where I enjoyed a cup of their wonderful Gumbo, a Monte Cristo sandwich, and the most wonderful Beignets I’ve had since I was in New Orleans.  Not the most healthy of dinners, but it was wonderfully delicious.   It was just a wonderful day, spent with a wonderful woman, and fortunately for me, she’s my wife.

SWT+Photo 13 #28 Disneyland
SWT+Photo 15 #28 Disneyland
SWT+Photo 14 #28 Disneyland

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