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I had to do a holiday themed picture for this post.  It brings back memories of childhood for me.  I used to love cleaning the pumpkin “guts” out.  Funny, when we grow up, it just seems a mess.  Where does that creativity and joy of discovery go.  Take some time this weekend to squish some pumpkin guts in your fingers and be a kid again.

 Photo #12 Holiday Preparations

ISO 200, 1/60 sec f5.6  lit by an sb28 strobe and umbrella, 7feet up, behind camera.

Picture #11

October 30, 2009

Picture #11   Today I just decided to use a simple portrait.  I was shooting a bunch of these portraits, and really liked this one.  I like the harsh side lighting and subdued color. 

Tobias Picture #11

ISO 100  1/20  f2.8  28mm lens,  natural light, handheld.

Photo #10

October 29, 2009

Photo #10 of my Challenge.  For this one I wanted to do a still life, but not a bow of fruit kind of still life, something that reflected me and would be of interest to me.   I decided to shoot film!!!   I wanted to pay homage to the medium I learned on and all the hours and hours (and money) I spent shooting, developing, printing, and hunched over a light table looking at slides through a loupe.  The setup was a white seamless background I have made from some bathboard I bought at lowes.  I used two 500watt photoflood studio lights to light it.  The first was placed to my left and behind the film.  It was about a foot above the table.  Its job was to light up the bakground, illuminate the slides, and give some nice shadow detail on the front.  The second studio light was just to the right of the camera and back a couple of feet.  It was about 8 feet high and shining down.  I wanted this fill light to be less bright, but still give some detail to the front of the objects and bring some detail to the shadows.  The camera settings were ISO 100, f16 and 1/8 second, tripod mounted, incandescent wb setting.

In photoshop I made a duplicate layer, removed color from the top layer, erased that layer from the slides revealing the color base layer below.  I then bumped up contrast saturation, etc… to get the look I wanted.

FilmLR Photo #10

Hope you enjoy the picture as much as I enjoyed making it.

#9 Semifore Flags

October 29, 2009
SemiforeLR #9 Semifore Flags

I love the color of these flags against the dark blue sky.  The breeze gave the flags a nice sense of motion as well.  I used a circular polarizing filter to darken the sky, then punched up the saturation, and contrast in photoshop.  I also cloned out a couple of additional cables which I found to be distracting.  Overall I love the colors in this shot.  ISO 100 f5.6, 1/500

Photo #8 Zebras Stripes

October 27, 2009

I love the pattern of the zebras stripes.  I did a bit of touch up in photoshop with contrast, removed the color, burning in shiny spots, etc…  great background I think.

Zebra Photo #8 Zebras Stripes

Details  ISO 100 1/60 sec, f2.8,  lens at 200mm

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