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Compton Photoshoot.

September 14, 2009
I have been going over my pictures from last nights album shoot in Compton, CA. I have posted a few of the shots from the shoot. This was my first time going to Compton, and I admit I was a little nervous with the reputation the city has, but all turned out well.
DSC 7889 Compton Photoshoot.
DSC 7861 Compton Photoshoot.
Grandma+and+Grandpa+2+sepia Portrait Photography with the Fantinos In Corona California

I finished my shoot with the Fantinos. It went quite well and we ended up with some nice pictures for their 60th anniversary. They were quite a fun couple to shoot and we had a good morning in the park. Grandma+and+Grandpa Portrait Photography with the Fantinos In Corona California

Wyatts Baptism

September 7, 2009
I just returned today from Utah, where I had the privilege and honor of Baptizing my son Wyatt. It was an amazing weekend, I am so proud of the young man he is becoming and in his decision to get baptized. His mom threw a nice party for him afterward, and all his family from both sides were there to celebrate this special day with him. Afterward he came over to my parents house, where we celebrated his Birthday, and watched BYU upset Oklahoma. We gave him a nice suit to wear for his baptism (his first suit) so of course I had to take the opprotunity too take a few pictures of the day. Here is a sampling of some of the shots.
Wyattsuit Wyatts BaptismBaptism1 Wyatts Baptism Wyatts Baptism

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